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Want to know what’s happening in the world of health, innovation & tech, but don’t want to wade through the non-stop news feeds, endless articles, and infuriating industry jargon?

Each fortnight I’ll deliver you a short and snappy summary of things worth looking at.

And other insights from industry through the eyes of an Ex-Meddie & practised patient (7 surgeries down) turned Healthtech Community Builder, Curator & Content Creator. I also get to work in Venture Capital @ Side Stage Ventures, Angel invest and do consulting for health startups & organisations - fun!

What can you expect?

1. What the Health Bites - Fortnightly Healthtech Roundup

Short and snappy healthtech & innovation happenings, events, opportunities and cool things I've come across delivered directly to you, TLDR style

2. Medical Musings, Analysis, and Insights

My unfiltered thoughts on trends and topics across the healthcare ecosystem; from startups, systems, situations, and solutions - but I promise not to bombard your inbox

We also have an Aussie Healthtech Community ft. cool stuff

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